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Tarping your roof after a storm is one of the most important steps to take towards mitigating your home. Our BluRoof team consists of storm damage restoration experts and insurance claim specialists. We understand that your home may be your greatest investment and the precious contents of that home are just as valuable. It is important to get your Blue Tarp System installed as soon as possible to protect your home's interior and reassure your insurance company that your home will be mitigated against further damage from water intrusion, mold, and insect infestation.


Insurance Carriers require their Homeowners to mitigate against further damages. If Homeowners neglect to mitigate post storm, most Insurance Carriers are not liable to pay for any further damages. Mitigation is imperative as soon as the storm ends - don't wait!

All Mitigation Expenses will be 100% reimbursed by your Insurance Carrier. BluRoof can provide you professionals to install your tarp properly to effectively protect your home up to 6 months. Debris Removal and Tarp Installation is extremely hazardous. We will make sure this major task is taken care of by our experts. We are committed to providing consistently reliable service in a timely manner. BluRoof is here to help!


BluRoof’s fee will be 100% covered through your Homeowners Policy - Guaranteed. Here is how our system works:

1. Complete our online form with a fully reimbursable deposit to claim your BluRoof.

2. BluRoof will come out to your home to install your tarp, usually within 24-48 hours. We will contact you with a date of installation.

3. Make your final payment once the tarp is installed and BluRoof will send you a paid invoice.

 4. Forward your paid invoice to your Insurance Carrier for reimbursement. Your Insurance Carrier is responsible to cover any monies paid for mitigation.

It's that easy! Order your Tarp Today


It is important to tarp your roof as to not further expose your home to the elements. However, we DO NOT recommend climbing your roof to install your own tarp.

If you do not have experience working on a roof, attempting to install your own tarp is extremely dangerous.


It is imperative you get a licensed contractor to complete the job. Please reach out to BluRoof so we can help!

as of 9/30/2022


Ian made landfall Wednesday, September 28th, with maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour on Florida's southwestern coast near Cayo Costa, an island to the west of Cape Coral, according to the National Hurricane Center. It then shifted north-northeast and made landfall with maximum sustained winds of 145 mph on mainland Florida just south of the city of Punta Gorda before barreling northeast across the state and weakening into a tropical storm.


We encourage homeowners to be proactive during these times. Order your tarp BEFORE the storm hits and be first in line for a tarp install! Don't wait for weeks on end for a tarp installation while your home sustains more damage from exposure to the elements.

Please fill out our form and help protect your home from further damage! Click below to request your tarp!

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